Monday, October 14, 2013

The rise and fall of a Clown

The un-named clown rose to power by being Mr Nice Guy. He helped the Police, the Firemen and all manner of peoples.

 After a brief encounter with religion he seemed to lose his way somewhat.

..still much loved by devoted fans, still much loved by devoted fans
 ..until...Oh dear... (no wonder he's smiling)
 In fact more and more photos emerged showing him in compromising positions.

 ..and even choices of an unsavoury nature.

 Eventually all this publicity culminated in acts of public violence..

 ..and public acts of indecency.

 Then there was the drinking...

 and of course the inevitable arrest

Last seen pushing a trolley full of crap with a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth...

Enjoy this post while you can, I see it being removed by court order soon....