Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busting Australian Myths

The humble Koala, cute, cuddly and friendly, so friendly you can cuddle a wild one which will simply cling lovingly to you. Ahhh!
They're just the thing to get the tourists flocking to every wildlife park for their fix.
The problem is that it’s just not true…it’s like saying the Skunk is cute and refreshing. (Well, maybe it is, I’ve never seen one)
The truth about the Koala is that it’s dumb, cranky and well armed. . . Oh, and it stinks really bad! The males have a gland rather like the Skunk so you wont actually see a male in the wild life parks and even the females are shampooed regularly to make them more pleasant. These park Koalas are almost always hand reared after their mothers were killed in road accidents etc and cant be returned to the wild, so they live out their lives being cuddled by tourists…even so they still tend to use people as their toilets. (when you least expect it)
The little female pictured was saved when her mother was killed in a bushfire, after she was finished posing for these pictures she was handed around to all those interested in being filmed with her and wanting to play Russian Roulette with the chance of being sprayed with excrement.



mapstew said...

Nice! :¬/

mapstew said...

Busting Irish Myths;

People all over the world think ALL Irish people live in pubs!

Ah, actually, that one is true! :¬)

Pearl said...

:-) I suspected as much!

As an American, I own a gun, am aggressive, and vehemently religious.



Argentum Vulgaris said...

Confirms my beliefs, I have always understood they are piddly little creatures that suffer from clamydia...


magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
Very well said, and so true. But still I love the Koala, but not stupid enough to approach one in the wild. :)

Windsmoke. said...

How true, i've patted a Koala many times but never picked one up or approached one in the wild just like Magsx2 commented :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Map,Live in pubs AND love all things green..I guess you spend a LOT of time in pubs with your music and all.
@Pearl, I'd heard that about you Pearl...but I cant tell you it was Mary who told me.
@AV You heard right my friend, they just look cuddly but are in fact nasty little buggers. (but dont tell any prospective tourists)
@Mags,We dont have them here anyway, it's too dry and there aren't any really big trees for them.
@Windsmoke, I'm really not fond of them, There are many in nearby animal parks of course and my kids and grandkids love them so I'm forced to 'enjoy' the little balls of nastiness...

Symdaddy said...

I've seen the beasties close up in the wild (2000 I think [the year,not the number of bears]) and I could smell 'em from about about 20 feet away. The ranger-chappie warned us about claws n stuff, so that's as close as we got.

On the Gold Coast we witnessed first hand their total disregard for the condition of one's clothing when one unsuspecting tourist was sprayed from midriff to ankles by one dribbly-bum bear.

Tempo said...

Hi Symdaddy, Of all the Australian animals I suspect the koala is one of the least loved among real Australians. I don't know one person that actually holds them in high regard.