Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Changing Minds Of Men


A few days ago I completely snubbed the daughter of a close friend. She was filling her car at the fuel pump right next to me, I fueled up, went and paid for my fuel and left without even acknowledging her. As I pulled into the street I finally recognized who she was…too late!
This got me wondering why I hadn't realized who she was and what I saw was a sad realization indeed.

In my teen years and into my twenties I'd have been looking at her boobs and probably noticed that she had a face I knew… eventually! 

In my thirties I'd have been looking at her legs and might have allowed my eyes to follow along ever upward until I recognized her… possibly!

In my forties I'd have been admiring her ass and it probably would have taken a while to get to her face... but eventually I'd have got there.

But now I'm in my fifties I was doing what fifty year olds do…
Yes, I admit it,  I was checking out her car. (a new black and chrome Ford Explorer)

This is the best way for a lady to fuel her car, no nasty diesel splashes on your nice clean clothes.. 



Joe Pereira said...

Haha Tempo, great stuff and sadly, true :)

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Thank goodness. I though it was just me.

BTW Spilling Diesel or even worse petrol on the sensitive bits is thoroughly disrecommended. It causes a combination of tingling/shrinkage and skin loss.

DON'T use a lighter for a closer examination of the damage.

Symdaddy said...

I must be one of the lucky few that takes in boobs, legs and ass without ever noticing there was a car there at all!

River said...

It is a nice car.

Tempo said...

Hi Joe, Yes we men have a simple mind (not to be confused with simple minded)
Hey TSB, not just you at all my friend, there would be no point in women dressing nice if we refused to look now would there?
I knew I was on shaky ground with the claim that women should fuel up naked...but I could see no other way to use that picture..
Hi Symdaddy,I'm a Petrol Head from way back and truth be told I'd rather have the car. Less cost, less hassles and much nicer to listen to.
Thank you for your support River... It was a nice car and most definitely more desirable that I was looking at the car anyway...

Pearl said...

Luckily, I take the bus. :-)

I leave the naked fueling to others.


Tempo said...

...and the Honda Pearl? I know they dont cost much to run but you must have filled it sometime?