Sunday, December 27, 2009

An Open Letter To Other Men

Do you wonder about ‘that’ girl?
The type your mother warned you about.
The really bad girls, the sort that gets grounded for embarrassing rugby teams with their foul language and vulgar habits.

Intriguing, aren’t they, but could we really handle it?
Just imagine a woman that’s more up for it, more grubby, infantile and disgusting that we are!
A girl who wouldn’t just call your bluff, she’d come round and kidnap it, tattoo a rude picture on it’s arse, spray it with shaving cream and post a picture of it on the internet.

The whole things a minefield.
Get it wrong and she’ll blow your head off; get it right and she’ll blow you in front of your mates.
All I would say is, if you’re going to try the rudeboy approach out there, you better be prepared to accept the consequences.

As Groucho Marx once said
“I could never get involved with the sort of woman that would get involved with a man like me”


Lyss said...

A few years ago I dated a man a couple of times who somehow had the impression that I was a bad girl. He'd talk about how he wanted to have fun before settling with a woman who was too nice/sweet/innocent to have the inclination to do anything a bit risky or kinky - "fun".

Frankly, I thought he had several beliefs needing rethinking i.e., sweet can't be fun and that fun isn't sweet and that you always marry a "good" girl *roll eyes*. And more to the point, it was insulting to me! Like most people, I'm somewhere in the middle with occasional peaks at either end.

Where was I going with this, hmmm? Well, I think you're right, most men couldn't handle a troublesome girl. There's enough to deal with in an average relationship without adding a heap of crazy to the mix.

Tempo said...

Of course it works the other way to Lyss, some men just never grow's all good when you're young and can put up with, or even enjoy that silliness but sooner or later it begins to run thin.
Like you I think the secret to a good relationship is balance, not always good, not always bad and more often somewhere in between.
I can see why you would have felt insulted by being seen as a bad girl...I've only known you from the BB days (and your Youtube vids)and I always saw you as the good girl with a green peace streak.

Pearl said...

I always get a bit of a kick out of these things but certainly would not want to be on the receiving end!


Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, It's all in fun. I happen to like women (after all you guys are 50% of the population)and I love to make fun of our differences. (no, not the obvious ones)..and I dont mind it when women hang shit on us men...after all we do kinda deserve some of it.

Dgls57 said...

Some Women sure do like to get even.
I like what Groucho Marx said.

Anonymous said...

Revenge is sweet