Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shh! Don’t tell ‘them’

Have you noticed how you need the internet for damn near everything these days? Not just for registering programs or downloading updates but also for registering product guarantees or signing up for just about everything.
No longer do new products come with manuals, now we must get on the net just to find out how something works…or should work.

More and more it’s a case of ‘Us and Them’.
Those with internet…and those without.

I acquaint this to survival of the fittest, we ‘fit’ people will continue to thrive and prosper according to our internet connection and the poor, sad ‘unfit’ people without internet will surely suffer and die under a pile of unallocated guarantees and dodgy products they were unable to claim for.
Surely early modern man could see that the Neanderthals were doomed, but did he help them to survive? Hell No!
Do we really want our standard of living…and that of our children in the future compromised by having us help these poor unfortunates?!

I put it to you that we owe it to ourselves, our children and our children’s children to simply let nature take its course.
Quietly and without fanfare we should just go about our business and pretend to listen and care when the ID (internet deprived) complain about needing the ‘bloody internet’ for everything these days, nod politely in sure and certain knowledge that we are witnessing the extinction of a lesser sub species of modern man/woman.
Of course we are going to lose friends and family in this ‘great extinction’.
Grand dad and grandma, aged aunts and uncles and maybe a few recalcitrant offspring, but no one important..
Thankfully, most of my family have joined me among the rest of ‘us’, and most of my favourite people have internet already.. But I’m sure going to miss my ex-wife… ..what am I saying?!....


Pearl said...

I feel similarly regarding vaccinations...


Tempo said...

I guess we all have our personal gripes Pearl and it's nice to be able to get it off my chest... on the net..of course! LOL

Dgls57 said...

Yes I know some people like that, one of them is a business owner. I've tried to teach them, but they are too stubborn to change their way's.

Tempo said...

Yep, I'm hearing you Doug. The last place I worked they were still writing things on scraps of paper. When customers would ask for an email or web page we always told them that our boss hadn't evolved past the chisel and rock stage yet.