Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nicknames are funny things

Nicknames are funny things, ever wondered where I got mine?
Not ‘Kymbo”…the other one!
I’ll tell you, but only if you don’t tell anyone…

Two years ago I spent two full months building a sea going fishing boat, 45 feet long and splendid to they call me “Kymbo the boat builder”?...they do not!

Last year I spend a month building a full bodied truck from the chassis up. Tray, boxes, tanks and all the extras, all hand made. Even other steelworkers marvelled at my craftsmanship…do they call me “Kymbo the truck builder”?…the hell they do!

Right now I have a half million-dollar fire engine in my workshop having a ground up restoration, do they call me “Kymbo the restorer”?…not a chance!

But you shag just one sheep……



Pearl said...

Unfair, isn't it?



Tempo said...

Glad you understand I can rely on you for a reference when the trial comes up?

Jen said...

LOL. What you do is make up your own nickname and a story to go with it, then pound anyone who refuses to use it into the ground.

Tempo said...

Oh Jen, I see youve never been to Australia. If you try that here you end up with a very sad nickname indeed. People with red hair get 'Blue'. Tall people get 'shorty'. Fat people get'skin' etc...and if you dared to try to make your own nickname god only knows what horror you could face.