Saturday, August 25, 2012

I got Nuthin

 Actually, I'm not at all sure this one is true. (though, of course most of the others are)
Then again....

 Some builders have a sense of humor.. well as some Photoshop technicians.

This could just as easy read Mineworker Bubblebath or any of a million others, dont you think?
What others would you like to see?

YEAH! We will so there....
 At last someone had the balls to say it!

It turns out that all these claims are 100% true!

Nah, Nah!



Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Got a bit bored?

I lke the water poster, haven't seen it before.

Tempo said...

Not really TSB, I'm in the middle of a big project that is sucking up all my time and money just now and have no time to write..

River said...

I love these. I love anything that makes me laugh. That's a cheeky little firefox.

Steve said...

I was reminded of a WC Fields quote:
"I don't drink water, because fish fuck in it."

Tempo said...

Hi River, I'm just like You, I love anything funny. Life's hard enough so why not make the most of a good laugh to make your day brighter eh!
Hi Steve, Great quotes like that really do live on longer than the man. I've heard it before of course but didnt know whose quote it was, thanks for that..

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