Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whyalla Conservation Park.

I took this footage earlier today on my Yamaha TT. It shows our local Conservation Park from the highway right through and out the other end some 5 miles away. I actually took it to show other photographers and try to work out a way of making the footage less shaky. I've tried many different ideas so far but this is as good as I can get it (so far) The very expensive sport camera is embedded in soft foam and taped loosely to the head stem. Ive tried it bolted to the frame (worst footage ever) Taped to the tank, to me, to my helmet, to the front forks (second worst footage ever)

Any ideas?



River said...

Ideas? Not a single one. You'll have to ask the experts.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Really easy.
Walk the route taking a snap at every step then join them all up as a .mpeg

Tempo said...

Hi River, there are no experts to ask on this subject.
Hi TSB, I cant see that being any fun at all mate! Whats the point of 5 mile of dead straight track if you dont do it flat out. (nearly)

mapstew said...

Helicopter? You can borrow mine, but I need it back by Friday. :¬)

Tempo said...

Hi Map, a great offer, but the footage was so bad you missed the two rows of huge powerlines overhead. I guess you could fly right under them...possibly!