Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crying in the Corner

What a few days it's been...
I'm still around the place (on my Laptop) but my Desktop died a few days ago; or to be more accurate it was killed.
A new Virus got in there and corrupted the entire thing including the backups, recovery partition and everything else. Returning it to Factory hasn't fixed it so it's looking like I must start from scratch. Ive lost my 8,000 web images, 50,000 photos, lots of written work (hundreds of stories) hundreds of programs and....well.. everything!
I can hear you..."But Kym, dont you know you should backup regularly?"
I did have it all backed up, but this Trojan corrupted all my backups and even the original factory restore partition... it's stuffed! 400Gig
Im waiting to hear from my favourite computer techi (my older brother) but I can see the writing on the wall and it says I'm going to be starting from scratch...with nothing.
Some of the photos are backed up to DVD and some of the other desktop files but most (80%) were backed up on the second internal drive, and thats totally corrupt.
I'll be back..again. But it's going to take time. (See,I dont even have a single picture to put here...)


maurcheen said...

That's a right bollix pal. And I know! :¬(

River said...

Oh that is bad, bad, news!
I back up my stuff too, how will I know if my back up drive has a virus?
I lost a desktop to a virus back in 2004 I think. I hadn't had it long and didn't have a lot stored on it, so it wasn't such a big deal, but if I were to lose my laptop now, all hell would break loose. Perhaps I should back up everything to dvd, especially the photos.

Kymbo Whitford said...

Hi maurcheen and welcome, youre so very right, I couldnt believe it...
Hi River, That was my problem, I had a second internal Hard Drive for Backups and the Trojan got into that and wrecked everything. Although all my info is still on the (now removed) drive I cant use it because it will immediately infect the rebuilt PC. I will format it and keep it as an external Backup from now on. In the end it was only the stuff I had on Backup DVDs that was good to me.

Pearl said...

I feel about computers the way I feel about cars: I use them, but damned if I know how they work.

So sorry for you!!


Kymbo Whitford said...

Hi Pearl, I have no idea how a PC works but can reprogram them when I have to, as for repairs...truth is my brother is a Computer tech and I always go to him when things go wrong.

River said...

I shall save some dollars, then take my back up drive to my favourite PC doctor and get it checked for viruses.