Friday, September 27, 2013

Finesse Fishing #2

For me it all started to make sense a few years ago after an experience with the then, new fluorescent lines. Being a tackle rat, when I first saw that flash fluoro mono I just had to have some and immediately mated my favourite eight-foot whiting rod with a spool full of the bright green stuff. I tied my main line onto a small swivel, added a metre of clear light trace, small sliding sinker and number six, long shank baitholder.
My regular fishing mate Les started out fishing me about three to one, with no real reason why. After a few weeks I found myself fishing side by side with Les, same line class, similar rigs and mutual bait. Les caught four quality Whiting while I caught five quality puffer fish; or maybe one puffer fish five times, you know what puffies are like! They see catch and release as dinner and a massage!

*Spearguns are handy fishing tools but are best used under the water...

That was enough for me, I changed to a clear version of the same line and my results changed immediately... and I’ve seen people with their whole rigs tied with fluro, still getting bites, as the fish carefully remove the bait time and time again. 

 *A good fisher never lets minor setbacks ruin a good days fishing

If an experience like that doesn’t change your whole fishing outlook then I expect that nothing ever will. I never look at any fishing product these days without considering whether I really need it or if it will even work. You must remember that tackle suppliers are in it for the money, of course it’s better for them if you catch lots of fish with their tackle, but if you’ve bought it then they’ve already made their profit; whether it works for you or not!

* Yours truly about to return this large Dusky Flathead

When I was a kid fishing with my dad and two brothers it was commonplace for  people to fish with a hank of line wrapped around a Coke bottle or even a stick in a figure of 8... and did they catch less fish than me? Hell no, possibly because I spent more time playing than actually manning the rod, returning to find the hook clean time and again.. "stupid bait, it doesn't event stick to the hook.."

*I hate when this happens...  (JAWS)

But in reality, as fish become fewer and fishers become more numerous catching any fish is becoming more difficult.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

*At sea...nobody can hear you scream...



Pearl said...

There's no way I am going to un-see that last shot, Tempo.


I'll be at the bar if you need me!


River said...

Aaaah! My eyes! My eyes! Nobody should wear a fluoro green suit. Ever.

Kymbo Whitford said...

Hi pearl,Yeah, it's pretty bad huh, but I had to see it so I thought I'd share the pain.
Hi River, Im guessing there are people who could look good in this suit...but no this bloke..