Saturday, November 14, 2009


In the entire time it’s taken for me to grow up and get old, cars have been the standard form of travel for us Aussies. From popping down the shop or the school run to the drive to work and of course the obligatory weekend ‘drive’ for seemingly no reason except to see things zip past the tightly wound windows.
Insulated from the world outside I blast down the road casting dispersions at other motorists that seemingly have no idea that I’m more important than they are. Casually muttering obscene suggestions of physical impossibilities and my personal assorted theories on their grim genealogy.
If they have a worse car it’s because they're dopers, pissheads or worse…and if they have a better car it’s because they’re doing something illegal, immoral or depriving some honest person of his/her share of ill gotten gains…good people drive cars just like mine!
Of course it’s not my fault that I need to waste the earths resources…the busses don’t go where I need them to go and they have the most inconvenient timetables, fancy going somewhere at the hour, every hour…or having to wait part of an hour to catch one going back toward home…ridiculous! (the desk jockey that made those rules clearly does not take the bus!)
Then there are those who ‘choose’ to walk…come on now! No one ‘chooses’ to walk…. They have to be crims or nutters that aren’t allowed to drive, or just maybe a few of them are waiting for their mechanic to call to say their car is ready to be picked up…by taxi!
But I suspect that the biggest majority of them are just nutters who have no idea what they’re missing, or are too far out of it to know they should have bought a car…
Sometimes when I get somewhere I have to actually get out of my car and mix with the rabble (gag, choke) But the same rules apply as in the car...eyes straight forward, no eye contact and for god sake don’t smile at anyone. Where possible one word answers to all questions, get what you need then back to the goldfish bowl and back on the road.. Ahh! Another social situation carefully avoided…
But lately…with the wisdom of age, I’m wondering if maybe we are all somebody’s idea of nutter.

Nah! That cant be it!


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Got a few minutes. Great post. I'm an expat Kiwi, so i can relate to it exactly.



Tempo said...

An expat Kiwi who finds themselves in Brazil? Thats quite a change of lifestyle, I spent some time on the North Island...very beautiful, great people.

Dgls57 said...

I used to ride the bicyle to town before I moved to country NSW.
Walking is ok, but it takes so long to get there.
I have friends in the city that don't own a car, they get by. The other problem in the city is where to park.
It costs a lot of money just to own a car & register it before you even think about driving it.

Tempo said...

Dead right Doug, I dont like to think about what it costs to run a properly maintained car...cheaper by taxi I would bet.
I've still got a mountain bike here somewhere...been a while since I rode it though. LOL