Friday, November 13, 2009

Yeah, the phone...or the nails, what else would I put this up for?

Come on know guys with tatts are HOT!!!


Its hot, hot, hot here in South Australia just now. 4 days of 40 degree days and another 3 or 4 to go. Everyone's melting or staying indoors with their air conditioners running flat out day and night. You can imagine just how much that's going to cost! We have a beach close by but low tides are the norm here in Summer with hight tides occurring through the day light hours pretty much only in winter. (god hates us) So we bathe in ankle deep water or swim at night when it's harder to see the White Pointers of which there are quite a few and large ones at that...Want to come here for a holiday yet? Ha, do ya...well do ya?! 'Where the bloody hell are ya?' LOL (yeah, maybe not)

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Anonymous said...

That guy's a bit of a worry. Love the dogs. Kenny