Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bliss Is A Little Like This

At last all three of my daughters are living in the same town and there no arguments, no hassles and no fights!

…Ok, so that bits a lie! Girls will be girls and there are the usual problems but all things being equal it is a pretty good situation just now.
We try to picnic and BBQ quite a bit to get everyone together and get the grandkids familiar with each other…(the bludgeoning seems to have stopped for now) and more than anything else a BBQ at the beach means not much cleaning up to be done.

Why would that be important?
Well! Three daughters mean three sons-in-law and eight and a half kids. (number nine is due in two weeks)

A new feeling seems to be taking over me lately, as I watch the kids playing and the daughters catching up on the latest chit-chat a feeling of pride swells within me and at last I understand why generations have done all this hard work before us.

Son-in-law Stan and I were watching the other thirteen or so swimming and he made the comment that this was my legacy to the world… It is just what I was thinking! (…although he was laughing about it)
This small group of happy healthy kids, their parents and partners are my gift to the world and it is all good…enjoy!

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