Friday, January 15, 2010

Common viral infections...Avast? or antibiotics


Lately I've had one sickness after another, it all started with the dreaded ‘Swine Flu’. That left me so sick that I’ve become an incubator for every minor ailment going around, even now, several months later I’m still picking up every bug or lurgy.

This got me thinking…When a virus attacks my PC my three anti virus programs take over and warn me of the attack, even shutting down the PC if the attack persists… Why cant they protect me too! Strangely enough I'm doing a scan right now and Avast Pro just found and killed two ‘dropper’ virus files…why cant it scan me?!

How does one install a personal anti-virus?
I’ve searched all over my body and except for a couple of remote possibilities there don’t seem to be any input ports. There aren’t any CD trays and although I've looked well enough, there aren’t even any card reader slots (I’m old technology)… and as for Floppies...just don’t go there, alright!

So what do I try now? ..I’m open to suggestions here folks…
Subliminal suggestion?
Hypnotic suggestion?
Alcohol ingestion?
Drink Bleach? (not sure about this one)


Kymical Reactions said...

massive amounts of vitiman c. I try to take 400mg per day. When I feel like I could be starting to get sick, I double up to 800mg.

It doesn't keep me from getting sick, but it's not near as bad as it could be.

Tempo said...

I used to take mega doses of VitC but gave it up a long time ago... maybe it's time to give it another try eh Kym

Joanna Cake said...

Echinacea when it strikes but a properly balanced nutritional supplement for the rest of the time.