Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Kindness Of Strangers

The Kindness Of Strangers
(Ok, so some of them aren’t that strange…)

Have you ever slagged off about Facebook?
…..Yeah, me too!

But all that has changed, I’m a new man, changed…now I love Facebook.

….Ok ‘love’ might be too strong a word for a soul less web site, but I’ve been awakened to something far bigger…the spirit of mankind! (mainly womankind actually)
Apart from the great, the funny, the uplifting, the wise, the thought provoking, the wonderful, the sexy and the nutters among you… you know which categories you belong in… (Whew, got out of that one)

But something else happened recently that has left me simply stunned….
My daughter, her husband and their four kids under 6yrs old moved here from a long way away and on the way lost most of what little they had…not remarkable in itself, but…
One of my other daughters best friends put a message on Facebook asking for spare bits and pieces for them to set up house…the result was staggering to say the least.

We live in a small manufacturing city of just over 20,000 people, how many of them would you think were Facebook users?

How many of those will have seen the little call for help or had spare stuff to contribute?

Daughter 2 (D2) has been inundated with gifts from people we don’t know… a bag of clothes here, a box of toys there.. a spare this or an old that, furniture otherwise destined for the shed, and some much better than mine!
In all, perhaps 3 or 4 trailer loads of household items which will be added to the 3 or 4 trailer loads contributed by family and friends of family.
The great and the good among us have come forward to set up this small family, piece by piece. Their first days in their new home will be quite comfortable…

We move them in today!

I wish I knew how to thank them all!


Pearl said...

Isn't that lovely? I think most people WANT to be good.

I'm very glad D2 got the help she needed!


Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, indeed! It was a shock to see that spirit alive and well... maybe there's hope for this sad, sick world yet

Joanna Cake said...

Sometimes it makes you feel really proud of the human race :)

Tempo said...

Hi Joanna, So true...just when I feel like giving up and going to live in a cave somewhere this happens and makes me rethink... the cave still sounds nice though!

mapstew said...

As I have said elsewhere (?) before, "there ARE more good people than bad" (or indifferent even!

Came over from Pearl's.