Friday, February 4, 2011

Aussie Spirit, alive and well!

A friend posted this on her site today Spiral is smart and funny and a joy to her many friends.
There is no original credit so I'll just have to thank her/him here...Tah!
This is typical of the kind of thing we have to put up with in Australia.. it pays not to take yourself too seriously here or you'll get the piss taken out of you. (made fun of)


Spiral said...

Thanks for the plug and your lovely words! There was no credit on the facebook page I pinched the image from...

Yasi is still going, heading towards Alice Springs and now there's flash flooding in Victoria. It's going to be a hard year for a lot of Aussies.

By some miracle, it is NOT RAINING in this part of NSW and in fact the temperature has been hovering around the early 30s *gasp*.

I've been really enjoying your blog, just wanted to let you know!

Sarah said...

Some of the humor is lost on me due to my American upbringing but the bathtub panel caught me off guard with it's funny.

Tempo said...

Hi Spiral, thank you for the nice words and the visits. I found this very funny and just like Aussies to thumb their noses at something so powerful. We've have lots of rain here and some minor flooding after a week of very humid weather. 30 where you live is HOT! wow, I bet everyone's melting.

Hi Sarah, There are a few things there that are Australian only, there's some fun poked at our Prime Minister and the reference to pets was because people were told they could not bring their pets when they evacuated.