Friday, February 18, 2011

War On America

Lately I’ve been thinking of declaring war on America.
You may well wonder what brings on this apparent madness on my part, after all America is one of our major trading partners, our comrades in arms and a constant source of wonderment.
Her beautiful natural wonders, her incredible scientific accomplishments, the great many fine people and friends I have there, the natural barrier she provides to prevent Canadians coming South. (sorry Cal)
Despite the wonderful people, the wonders and the accomplishments, there is something for which I cannot forgive…
not just any TV mind you.

Let me explain.
Here in far away Australia we have a new TV channel…Channel 11.
Channel 11 seems to be caught in a time warp, time zone 1970’s and the reason for my despair. Why, in the 1970’s did America commit this crime on us and TV viewers throughout the world. What did we do to deserve this bombardment of…of..
Well…have a look for yourselves.

This is just tonights ‘Entertainment’…and there are worse nights than this.
Mork and Mindy…
The Love Boat… (weeping now)
Happy Days… (shamelessly crying)
The Brady Bunch… (reaching for the razor blades)

Come on...what have you to say for yourselves?



Symdaddy said...

And you call us whinging Pom's!!!

I'm gonna emigrate and watch all my favourites shows at YOUR PLACE!!!

Nanu-Nanu and Shazbut!

Sarah said... what you say about MacGyver.

Not only is the character from Minnesota, so is the actor.

And I was gonna marry him!!!!

Ok I'll admit in retrospect the show is pretty corny. But it's all about the nostalgia for me.

Mags118 said...

Hi Tempo,
I admit it's all pretty bad. But all our new stations are rubbish, I was really looking forward to the ABC's 24hr news, as I thought well at least there will be something to watch at all hours (Husbands a shift worker) but even that turned out to be utter rubbish, we just can't seem to win.

Kal said...

HA HA..that is hilarious. I keep asking my sister to send me a TV guide from Australia so I can see the shows you guys get.

Seeing it for myself I can only weep for you. We get those same shows but they are on the satellite RETRO channel. Are you sure that isn't what it is.

We get a few of your home-made programs here and I like them. God Bless America brother.

Windsmoke. said...

I watch Eleven for Star Trek: Generations and Stargate Universe these are the best sci-fi shows around. You should check out Nurse Jackie you'll get a laugh out of this show with Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Symdaddy, favorites eh? How sad is that mate. I'll put the kettle on.

Hey Sarah, I used to think MacGyver was cool too, but that was a long time ago and watching it again now I see the show is actually pretty crap... voice overs, and really poor story lines. But hey!

I have to agree completely Mags, we have about ten channels and there's nothing on any of them... it's a good thing I dont really watch TV. News, comedies and... nuthin!

Hi Kal, your sister is probably too embarrassed to let you see what we actually have to put up with, another case of the big producers not putting money into anything new. We get heaps or re-runs and those damned Reality TV shows like 'Worlds greatest Chef' and 'Loose weight you fat bastards' (not sure thats the actual title of that show, but you know what I mean huh?)

Hiya Windsmoke, A Trekie eh? My nephew is a full on trekie with every episode on disc and all the memorabilia, like the fake ray guns and the crab that bloke wears on his forehead...

Kal said...

I like 'Cops L.A.C' because I have the hugest crush on Kate Richie. I love the turned up nose and that slight overbite. She's a crackin' shiela, mate. (Did I mess that one up). Did they cancel that show or did it get another season. I wan to ooogle her some more.

dbs said...

The Love Boat is a crime in itself let alone all the other crap we Canadians have had to endure forever as well. (And yeah, I do like some of it.)

Tempo said...

Hi Kal, Kate Richie..Oh she's a long time Aussie favorite. She's also a real trooper in that she's having a go at pretty much anything, she's on TV here every week in something or another...Kal, you have good taste.

Hi dbs, Yeah, I agree completely...and they say waterboarding is a crime.... Brings back memories eh!

Tempo said...

Yeah, if it wasn't for American reruns we'd be watching 'Skippy, the bush Kangaroo' and re-re-reruns of 'Riptide'...(sigh!)

Jen said...

Have you not located the channel changing buttons on your remote? Or better yet - the power button? Turn it off and build your boat. Go geocaching. Read a book. Don't let them brainwash you. You cannot fix the car with chewing gum and a shoestring, I don't care what you saw on McGyver...

The Writing Instinct said...

We live in an amazing country weather-wise (okay, ignore the floods, fires and cyclones) so there is so much to do in our great outdoors. Switch off the TV and keep building your boat and forget the brain-sapping 70's scum!