Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Queensland Floods

When your local sewerage works goes under water you dont want to go into the water..this one was at Rockhampton.

No aircraft coming or going from here, this is why the armed forces were brought in.

Where do you start?

One wrecked boat, one stuffed bridge.

Gday mate!

A man saving a roo, just one man, just one roo but every bit makes a difference.

This guy is a dead set hero, he will probably be forgotten by history but he motored around hauling drowning Roos into his boat and taking them to high ground. You can see theyre not happy with their ears back like that..but are reserved to being rescued. (these are wild roos)

This is why were having troubles here. Australia is a largely flat and the flood spreads far and wide.

One TV station said in places the flood was 2000km wide. (1250miles)

You have to have a sense of humor, even at times like this..Queenslands mud army.

I wasn't in a hurry to put these up but good ol' Queensland is already heading for it's next disaster and I need room for that. Thats right! as you read this a cyclone closes in on the former flood zones.



Starry said...

These are great images of just how drastic the flood is, but also how great the Australian spirit is. I especially love the dinghy full of kangaroos, after all we've done to our native species, its good to remember we also give them a helping hand when we can.

Tempo said...

Hi Starry, Yes, I could have found lots of bad pics of wrecked stuff and crying people, but that hardly shows the Aussie spirit eh?

mapstew said...


Without spirit we are lost. Ye seem to have it in bucketloads pal! Good on ya! :¬)

Pearl said...

Have been thinking of you.

I work for a company that is sometimes called upon to determine how disparate groups can work together, and Australians test repeatedly as being "fierce, competitive, and great sports in both work and play". I can see that here. I am wishing you all the best...


p.s. Poor roos. I can't bear the thought of anything/anyone swimming to exhaustion.

Jen said...

Have you started building the ark?

I hope your home remains high and dry, Tempo.

Windsmoke. said...

Yes our Aussie spirit is alive and well as shown clearly in these photos. I especially like the boat full of roos they look really stressed and the Queensland Mud Army hamming it up in the face of adversity :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Folks, I'm quite safe where I live, way out in the sticks. No flooding here and no Cyclone either. But we worry for the people of Queensland facing a force 5 Cyclone (Hurricane to you in the USA) so soon after the big floods. There will be more flooding of course and many more homes blown apart...sadly, more lives lost too.

Sarah said...

Hot accents, determination in the face of adversity, the ability to maintain a sense of humor even in the worst situations...all this makes you Aussies some of my favorite people.

Glad you'll be ok Tempo, but wish your countrymen weren't having to face something like this again so soon.

Tempo said...

Glad to hear it Sarah, of course we're all horse riding, wind surfing, croc wrestling surfers from Bondi beach... or so we'd have you believe!
We do try not to take ourselves too seriously, and love a good tall story (and beer)