Sunday, April 3, 2011

World of Barbed Wire

Part of the display in Hall 12, 'The Wire Room'. Early and antique wires from around the world.

18th and 19th century wires from Hall 12

More barb wire fittings...wait a minute! No sorry, this is from the History of Dentistry blog for next week...

The very best of the strainers and joiners from Hall 10 'Strainers and Joiners'

This is just one level of the security to get into this renown museum, after this is the strip search, x-ray and ultrasound.

A tiny section of Hall 7 'Droppers and Spacers'

Strainers and Razor wires from the 'Detention Centers’ section.

Down in the basement of Hall 12 showing the early wires and pre-steel barb wires. The very sharp 'Ribbon wire' at the far left centre was made by blind people..."Ouch, thats sharp...Ouch, thats sharp..." (Yes, it really was)

You will not see this anywhere else on the web folks, in fact there is only one place in the entire world to see this wonder. I hope you truly appreciate the risk I went to in smuggling my camera through the tight security, into the inner sanctum to get these shots of: The largest Barb Wire collection in the World!

Spread out before you here are all the various types of barbed wires from way before the invention of steel, through WW1, WW2 and beyond to the modern concentration camps we in Australia call ‘Detention Centers’.
Here to you can see every kind of wire strainer, tensioner, joiner, post banger in thingy and post rip-er-out thingy. (actual scientific names)
To be sure to get these breakthrough photos to you I was forced to swallow the HDSD card and wait the several days to…er.. you know. Next time I’ll take the card out of the camera first. (Too much information?)



Pearl said...

I find this kind of stuff fascinating.

And I can never get enough information on what you are willing to do to bring the information to the masses. :-)


Argentum Vulgaris said...

I have seen some pretty impressive displays of barbed wire, but that looks the best.

Whose idea was it to put that silly bloody pinball thingy widget on the sidebar. I have wasted more than 3 hours tonight when I should have been writing students reports. Bah!


Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, It is fascinating in a weird and twisted way.. But just you wait until I put up the incredible blog on mud lumps...
Hi AV, This really is just a tiny bit of the display and it really is the largest display of barbed wire in the world (apparently)
Yeah, sorry about the pinball thingy. Ive spent too much time on it myself.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am at work and no student, I thought I would "waste" some more time, but these pc's haven't got FlashPlayer and I don't have authority to install it.


magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
How utterly fascinating, I have never seen anything like it. I must admit your words of "History of Dentistry" sent shivers up my spine. Good One.

Tempo said...

Hi AV, I feel for you mate, are you doing something about that addiction?

Hiya Magsx2, Oh we have the weird and 'wonderful' in spades out here... I think it has something to do with all the heat..or maybe the Marijuana.

mapstew said...

They should go the whole hog and expand it into a theme-park, complete with rides! I can just imagine the roller-coaster! :¬)

Tempo said...

Hey Map, you sure have a good idea there...and the shop could sell BandAids...probably make a fortune. They have an old tractor and a plane you can play on..Broom, broom!!!

Sofa Santa Monica said...

That just blows me away how many different kinds of bob-wire there are.