Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I Dont Work There Anymore

A collection of photos from my workcover/resume folder, I've no ides why I'm finding it hard to find work....any ideas?



magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
Great Pics. I especially like the one where the owners of the car are standing in the togs, watching the car sink, it's like they knew what was going to happen.

That's unreal how that car got stuck to the front of the train. Unreal.

Windsmoke. said...

Very freakish accidents indeed. My favourite is the car and the loco. If your old enough retire like i did and let somebody else pay you for staying home and relaxing, it's the best thing i ever did i haven't looked back :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Mags, I love these pics and I've got loads of them...that pic adds a new twist to a day at the beach, you have to wonder how these things happen eh?!

@ Windsmoke, Yeah, I think that's my fav out of this lot too...though the downside up dump truck comes a close second. Retirement..Hmm, sounds good to me mate.