Friday, November 2, 2012

Who saw this coming?

Wow. Here I am writing about this. Who saw that coming?
Sooner or later everybody becomes something they never thought they'd be. A bloke with loans to pay and kids to raise. A clone of their own parent. A country music fan*. Life can be terrifyingly unpredictable that way.
How many times have you caught yourself saying something your mum or dad used to say to you?
‘When I was a kid….’
‘…if you do that one more time!’
‘..a wigwam for a gooses bridal’ (ok, so I never used that one)
‘…Because I said so!’
‘Just because!...’

I guess it’s not surprising that we remember well those things our parents say to us (scream at us) and I personally have had many of those sad moments when I hear myself channelling my mother.
So now I find myself looking at a bloke I never thought I’d become, I hardly recognise myself from that small quiet lad that had very different ideas of where life was taking him…I know it’s still me though! I can tell from the complaining!

So what weirdness did your parents scream, yell or say to you that left you as obviously twisted as you are?

* I am in no way a country music fan. (just saying)


Pearl said...

I have an uncle that warns me, just about every time he sees me, not to sit on cold cement for any length of time.

Apparently it gives you piles.

Now why he feels the need to tell me this, I have no idea...


mapstew said...

"Get out of that tree right now! And don't come running to me if you fall out of it and break a leg!"

I think we all become our parents in some form. :¬)

Have a good weekend pal.

Jen said...

Life ain't fair, so get used to it. I think they were right about that one...

The Jules said...

"Get your own whore!"

Oh wait, that wasn't my parents. That was Grandad.

Kal said...

When my mother would yell at us she would sound like an recent immigrant from the Ukraine. It got funny when I notice the change in her voice. When I talk to her I often shift into the same accent.

"Well that is why the cows come in from the field."

What does that mean?

Tempo said...

Hi pearl, I've been told the same thing by my mother, of course I was so young I had no idea what a 'pile' was, so I had no idea why it was that I didn't want one.
Hi Map, I got the 'don't come running to me if you fall and break your leg' joke too, but I wondered if my parents were so dumb that they didn't know I couldn't run with a broken leg.
Hey Jen, Ah aint fair. Pity more of us dont say that to our kids eh. (me included) They grow up with such a distorted view of the world dont they.
LOL Jules, I actually did have a much loved uncle that sat me down and seriously told me that buying sex was far better than being married. I wont go into the reasons why but you can imagine.
Ah Kal, you were brave enough to taunt your mother?... They sure breeds you guys tough in Canada mate.
The only thing I know about cows is that they taste good between two slices of bread

River said...

My Dad used to say stop your crying or I'll give you something to cry for. kind of funny really, since he never smacked any of us.
My Mum was a big fan of I told you so, and because I said so.
I modified and told my kids because I told you too, but I never ever said I told you so. Instead I said, did you learn something?
I tried so very hard not to be like my mum, I probably went too far in the opposite direction, being very laid back, but the kids turned out okay.

Tempo said...

Hi River, ultimately we all try to learn from our parents mistakes and try not to replicate them. The generation before us had it tough compared to us and our kids have it easy compared to us, cant help thinking this next generation is way soft though.

Dr. Theda said...

I made sure to Never have Children.... ( my brother has done enough of That..!!!0
...But the Response ..."Just Because"... was never good enough for me ...So why should I tell an inquisitive child That.... If my Teachers as school could not even answer ....I "looked it up" ( even back in 2nd Grade..!!)
God ....the number of books that I have read in my life..... and So Many 'useless Facts" as well....

Dr. Theda said...

Just dropped by because ... I Really like your "icon" ...the Joker is my childhood "Hero"
You have a Great Blog, Good Sir .... I am Dr. Theda ("Stacey") depending on how "Stacey" feels that day....
Keep up the great posts and a Great Weekend to You and Yours ....Later.... The Doctor