Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are parties the same all over the world?

Driving to the shop at 7.30am last Sunday morning I turned a corner and heard loud (horrid) modern (horrid) music and was just wondering why, when the first revelers came into view.

Two late teen men sitting on a garden border in someone’s front yard, one holding his forehead with both hands…the other holding his stomach, clearly wondering if he was about to empty it over his shiny shoes.

In the next yard there were two more young men and a young woman, the males still pretending they wanted to party on and still trying to impress the young woman out of her clothes.
There’s something very funny about pissed women….This one, swinging her bag back and forth like a defensive shield as she laughed at the boys silly antics and trying hard to look as cool and desirable as one can in a wrinkled tight black dress and high heels at 7.30 the next morning…
The over consumption of cheap wine, disheveled hair and smeared makeup doing nothing to dissuade the two young men who by now are trying to talk over one another about something apparently very impressive…
Another girl sleeps on a sun lounge on someone’s front verandah, her hand raises to cover her eyes as the morning sun stings it’s first rays through her eyelids.

Two more survivors stagger toward the road to cross, one staggering so badly he raises dust in clouds as he trudges across the dirt verge toward me. The other walking very slowly and very deliberately, wearing his jeans lower than his underwear in the modern way.

Aside: What’s that about anyway? There seems to be some kind of contest between them to wear their pants lowest…is there a limit.

This young fellow must have been a real trendsetter because his pants were below his ass at the back and hooked on his genitals at the front.
I scanned on and momentarily lost sight of them as they stepped onto the road behind me, a few more smashed teens were scattered here and there throughout the neighboring yards and in a handy bus shelter.

I looked into the rear view mirror to see the slow walkers pants slide down his legs and tangle around his ankles. Undeterred he walked on another four steps before he even realized that there was a problem.
The staggering youth started going back and forth and around in circles trying to help him as he reached down for his pants, took a stumble backward and ended up on his ass in the centre of the road with his pants around his feet…not on his own though, out of sympathy I expect, the other lad went face first into the road surface.
My corner came up so I turned the corner and lost sight of them.

There have been times in my life when I was at one time or another , most of those young people….

Had any good parties lately?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Doesn't getting drunk defeat the whole purpose of having sex? Even if you manage to do it you won't remember it.

Adorabibble said...

well... does taking pain pills and drinking my liquid body soap count?
I hate being this stoned. ;)

Pearl said...

I've been to three good parties this weekend. A good party is determined by the ability of those there to abide by the party code, which is that a good one starts slowly, gets pleasantly drunk, and then gets intimate: decisions made, loyalties vowed, plans hanging in the balance.

Come to Minnesota. :-)


Jen said...

The rumor is that the gangsters pants would be weighed down by the guns, etc...then everyone wanted to look like the gangsters and started wearing their pants that way on purpose. It's dumber than leg warmers or bell bottoms ever were and I wish it would go away.

Tempo said...

Hi Gorilla, nice of you to swing down..I always though that whole forgeting what you did thing was to avoid admitting you know what you did...but did it anyway. I dont forget, but then I dont get really drunk. I always may not have been pretty..but I remember..

Hi Adorabibble, I'm quite familiar with pain killers (I have an artificial hip from a car accident) ..but body soap? That must be an experience eh! I really dont like that feeling of being out of I dont go there.

Hi ya Pearl, I like your kind of parties, they are the one's remembered best . Women seem better at having good parties, there's always a pissed bloke to ruin an otherwise good party.
The cold weather in your neck of the woods scares me...Brr!

Hey Jen, LOL Dumb there are any guns in pants here.. Hand guns are totally banned here in OZ and you have to be a practicing member of a gun club to own a rifle. Jail if you get caught with a gun in public.
I never wore leg warmers but I did wear flairs and platform shoes when I was a teen..
note to self: find and destroy those old photos