Monday, May 31, 2010

Cache Me In

I blame Jen for this! (that’s her over there in my list of followers) For a few weeks now she has been blogging about Geocaching.
It sounded like fun but I thought we didn’t have it here…it turns out that it’s pretty much everywhere.
What else could I do but get a GPS and learn how to use it. I used to be in the YMCA* so I know how to use a compass and map but this is very different and much easier.
*The outdoors type…not the dancing, prancing, mincing type.
This week I finally got time to go out searching for my first cache, a little to-ing and fro-ing to work out how to use the GPS then straight to the first cache…which was surrounded by people drinking latte and talking BS. (bullshit) Although I got within a few meters of it I simply could not search and give it away.
Oh well! Plan B then… Another nearby cache looked promising so I chose the co-ordinates and moved on.
Plan B was at the very top of a hill in the centre of my hometown. I drove around the hill until I found a way up and went for the relatively short ten minute walk to the top. A little more to-ing, (fro-ing would have seen me fall off the hill at this point)

This was a favorite place when I was a kid, we had forts and cubbies here and there on the hill and I once caught and released a Thorny Devil here. (small thorny lizard that eats only ants)
As I walked in circles the GPS beeped it’s warning that I was standing on ground zero...I looked around and very quickly saw a few stones out of place, moving one stone I saw the cache hiding there.

It was great to get my first find, and it is a bit of fun… the girls* and grandkids are looking forward to coming with and probably spoiling it for me, but still I'm looking forward to many more. *I have three daughters...Ahhh! (run screaming from the room)

As you can see from the pics, Rocky Hill is an apt name for this spot…if lacking a little inspiration. You can imagine the hiding spots for such a small plastic box in terrain like this...
One side of the town has a distant desert vista, a little green after recent rains…and the other is a huge steel furnace and rolling mills and everything that comes with it.


Adorabibble said...

too cool Tempo!
I know I hardly comment, I love you blog!

Pearl said...

I have a friend who geo-caches in Minnesota.

Hide-and-seek for adults. :-)


Tempo said...

Hi Adorabibble, Thanks for the kind words, it's always nice to read comments, good, bad or otherwise. (not so much the bad...) LOL

Hiya Pearl, Yup, hide and seek for adults. Just punch in your post code and up come the listings...wonder if there are any in your neck of the woods? Maybe some of your local nutters are into it? You dont have to be a nutter to be in it...but it helps!

Jen said...

We call them muggles. Congratulations on your first find! I bet you'll love caching with the kids.

Tempo said...

I might hide a few treasures for the kids to find Jen. I dont think they can be trusted to keep the secrets.