Monday, May 3, 2010


I was thinking what was bloody obvious to me ,‘Death this way comes’
I could do nothing as the reaper prepared to take another soul.
We just numbly did as we were told by the voice on the phone,
Roll him this way, prop that, staunch the flow

How long was this going to take?
Would help arrive before the reaper?
Were we doing the right thing?
Was there really nothing more we could do?

Over and over the scene played out in my mind.
Like a bad movie and you cant find the remote.
The car in front of us spinning and rolling wildly.
The cloud of dust...then nothing…too much nothing!

The eerie silence after the roar.
Move forward through the crater…
My tortured mind yearned for leaving.
Words like ‘obligation’ and ‘duty’ kept me there

How can you be driving along one minute
..and here dealing with this the next?
Sometimes there is just no one but you.. do what must be done!

Death has foisted itself on me before.
But not like this.
I've seen the living sink peacefully into the arms of the reaper.
But not like this.

Not choking, not spluttering, not fighting for every breath…
Not refusing to go peacefully.
Making it that much harder to be here.
The reaper cackled in my ear…

I know, I know!
Time is short,
Life is short,
Death inevitable.

The screaming ambulance lifted a weight from us,
…almost happiness
She asked me straight...”Is he alright?”
“No!” ...what more could I say…I knew!

She saw for herself...and tears welled in her eyes.
It was a face she knew, and knew well.
We looked at each other and the silence said it all,
Death this way comes.

Small country towns,
Where everyone knows everyone.
The second ambulance took the driver of the first…

I gave up my place for someone adept.
Walked away, but the vision playing out in my mind still.
The chopper was quick…
But not quick enough!

The reaper swung his scythe,
..and cackled in my ear.
“Death this way comes”
Death this way comes!


Tempo said...

This happened late last year, only just now coming to terms with it...

Princess L said...

So sorry, Tempo. The poem is great. I hope you find your peace.

Jen said...

That is a difficult thing to witness. It makes me appreciate the ER doctors and nurses who live with it every day.

Kymical Reactions said...

oh my goodness. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. How horrific it must have been to witness such events.

I'll pray for peace. You deserve it.