Friday, January 7, 2011

Channeling my mother

Wow. Here I am writing about this. Who saw that coming?
Sooner or later everybody becomes something they never thought they'd be. A bloke with loans to pay and kids to raise. A clone of their own parent. A country music fan*. Life can be terrifyingly unpredictable that way.
How many times have you caught yourself saying something your mum or dad used to say to you?
‘When I was a kid….’
‘…if you do that one more time!’
‘..a wigwam for a gooses bridal’ (ok, so I never used that one)
‘…Because I said so!’
‘Just because!...’

I guess it’s not surprising that we remember well those things our parents say to us (scream at us) and I personally have had many of those sad moments when I hear myself channeling my mother.
So now I find myself looking at a bloke I never thought I’d become, I hardly recognize myself from that small quiet lad that had very different ideas of where life was taking him…I know it’s still me though! I can tell from the winging!

So what weirdness did your parents scream, yell or say to you that left you as obviously twisted as you are?

* I am in no way a country music fan. (just saying)


Symdaddy said...

I've heard it said that we all grow up to be our parents in one way or another.

It must be true because I'm always saying "In my day ..." and "When I was a lad ..." just like my dad used to.

The kids always respond with a hearty "Yeah, yeah!"

mapstew said...

Ma's favourite, "Don't come running to me if you break your leg!" :¬)

have a good weekend 'old man'!

Jen said...

I'm fighting it, kicking and screaming all the way. When my mother was my age she could not even pick something up off of the floor, or climb a single flight of stairs, or walk an entire block... I live on the third floor and climb the stairs daily. I guess in a way, it's her fault I'm hooked on marathons...

Windsmoke. said...

Mum's favourite saying was don't eat an apple then drink cold milk after it or you'll get a stomach ache and be sick. I found it weird then and still find it weird now.

magsx2 said...

A couple of Mum's sayings was:-
You can't go swimming you just had lunch, you'll get cramps.

I wouldn't do that if I was you.

When I was your age......

Yes I think everyone can remember at least some of these sayings our parents use to say, mainly because most of us heard them over and over, again. :)

Adorabibble said...

MY mother did the "shannon(me) Seann(my younger brother), whatever the $%^# your name us get over here!!!!!!!"
I know do it with my three minions (not children but grown men)

My father used to say " If you paint a bullseye on your back don't be surprised if you get attacked"

Only useful thing the man ever told me.
Used it last week.

Tempo said...

Hi Symdaddy, I'm quite sure we all become our parents in one way or more, but that's not so bad so long as we forget the bad bits and remember the good bits.

Hey Map, I'd like to see how far you could run with a broken leg eh? Funny how some of the things we hear as kids was such nonsense.

Well I guess that's as good a reason for staying fit and healthy as I've ever heard Jen. We don't just remember the bad, the sad and the funny but also we learn from our parents mistakes.

Windsmoke, I have never heard that it true? Have you ever had the courage to go against her word? I never really understood most of the sayings my mum told me.

Hi Magsx2, Yeah, I've heard the swimming one, but I've go no idea if it's true or not..I never was brave enough to ignore her words. 'I wouldn't do that if I was you'.. if mum said that to me there's no way Id dare go there. LOL

Hey Shan, Now you mention it I've heard that one many times too. There were four daughters then three boys in our family and the old girl would often get the names mixed up. Your dads saying is one Ive never heard before...but another one that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Sim said...

For me it's the counting threat. "if you are not here on the count of 3 that's it!" I have no idea why it works. I don't think I ever knew what would happen if I didn't cooperate nor do my kids but we all imagine it's something pretty bad.

Adorabibble said...

the one from my father was due to the fact that I was different as a kid. I never fit anywhere, and I was picked on mercilessly. so I would run with it, if the wanted a reason to pick on me I would give them a reason. it was my father's way of relating with me, as he never got me either.

Tempo said...

Hi Sim, I used to do the count thing with Daughter3...she was always there by 2.5 as well. Im sure glad she was cause I had no idea what happened after 3 either!
Shan.. Ah, now I get it! Kind of like saying 'dont make waves'

mandy said...

too many to chose from but one that comes to mind is "wait till you have kids"....Bitch, she has hexed me i`m sure of

Tempo said...

Hi Mandy, yeah many complain that they got told that one...I never did for some reason. It came back to bite ya hey? LOL