Monday, January 10, 2011

England under water

Australia's had more rain this past year that anytime for many, many decades, in fact it's still raining in far off Queensland and there's no sign if it stopping anytime soon. So far there has been around 25 drownings, mainly from fools jumping into swollen rivers for some surfing or boogie boarding but occasionally by people trying to drive though flooded causeways.
None of this directly affects me here in the desert country of South Australia, except that we'll be paying a lot more for fruit and veg during the next year or so...but the prices always go up anyway, ever heard of grocery prices going down?
But I digress:
From Queensland, through New South Wales and soon into Victoria there is already a chunk of Australia under water greater in size than the entire United Kingdom...and the rain hasn't stopped and the flood waters still haven't reached the sea, and wont for another three months!

Come on people...drink more water and help us out here!



magsx2 said...

Love the pics. Indeed it is still raining here in Brisbane Queensland, we had a very nice break from the rain this afternoon, which helped some of the water get away, which meant of course some roads were reopened. But it started again, no end in site at this stage.

Unfortunately here in Queensland the powers that be have made water that expensive that most people are cutting back as much as possible.

Tempo said...

Here too Mags, Water is very expensive indeed, no lawns anymore just bark chips or gravel for the kids to play in. News here suggests those big farms that put dams across outback creeks have made it that much worse by turning the water toward the towns instead of letting it run out into the outback as it has for thousands of years...I feel a few law suits coming on.

Windsmoke. said...

It's been raining and humid all day down here in Victoria and looks like the rest of the week will be the same.

Tempo said...

..and all that flood water is coming your way Windsmoke...I hope it misses you. We're expecting floods all the way through South Australia to the sea.