Monday, January 24, 2011

A walk on the dark side

Heres the short bit of info that started this whole thing.

This year we will experience 4 unusual dates,1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11, now go figure this out, take the last two digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and it will equal 111 its freaky? Do the math of your dates and see.

I put this info on my Facebook page recently and this triggered a close friend to tell me an amazing story about a set of circumstances that revolve around the whole 11.11 thing. Interesting, strange even freaky, but I believe it completely…I don’t have permission to tell you about that, but it got me thinking about other weird things that I can attest to.

My gran was a minor physic, she kept it secret but told just me about the many things she knew about way before they happened, she even knew on the day she died. Unusually, she wished me well and told me to be strong as we got into the car that later crashed, killing her and leaving me crushed and broken. None of my family knew about this as far as I know.
I didn’t inherit her gift (gift?) but I do occasionally get undeniable feelings and more rarely, visions. For many years I took these things to be manifestations of the damage done to me in that accident…then of course I simply did not want to believe.
Eventually though…
The most powerful of these things...and I swear this is completely true, I will tell you about now.

I bumped into one of my brothers in law at a shopping center two years ago now, he began telling me about a solo trip he was planning. Within days he was going to drive right across the Nullabour desert to Perth in Western Australia. As he was telling me about his leaving dates etc I suddenly saw a vision of a white car sliding out of control, it spun around as it slid along the road and the vision ended in the car disappearing backwards into a cloud of dust. Vision over…maybe three seconds?
I felt disturbed by this and had an urge to tell him…but I didn’t because people view this kind of thing with great suspicion. As I walked away I was still uneasy and I noticed my heartbeat was very fast. I continued to feel doubtful and disturbed for the rest of that day.
Just a week later I saw him again as he walked along a road close to where I live, I stopped because I knew he should have been half way across the country by now.
…and now he told me the story about how his white Falcon had seized a wheel bearing on the drivers side front wheel, how the wheel and hub had torn off and how his car had spun around at highway speeds and slid off the road backwards. I felt chilled to the bone as he told me the story I already knew quite well…

What I want to know is whether this is a common human experience or whether it’s as rare as it feels, I’ve never told a soul about this…ever.

Tell me your stories, have you ever…?



Pearl said...

Actually, yes.

I've had two specific occurrences, one in which I refused to go into a house -- it doesn't sound like much, but now that you've reminded me, I'd never felt such dread in my entire life and really must write about it... I was 19 at the time. I am 49 now and vividly remember the fear that house put in me.

The other I have written about is right here:
It's a Friday post from October, so you have to put up with my drivel about using my iPod to foretell the future (just a couple paragraphs at the beginning!) but it involves a voice from the backseat of my car (yes, really) and what surely would've been a fatal crash had I not made the split-second decision to listen to the voice to the letter.

I believe that there is more to consciousness than what we see/understand.


magsx2 said...

Yes there are a lot of strange things that happen in this world, that nobody can explain, feelings that some people get, visions, etc. and these things happen to a lot of different people. Scientists still don't understand the human mind, and I don't think they ever will.

Windsmoke. said...

I wouldn't like to know in advance when i'm going to die that would be truly bizarre. Sometimes i get de-ja vu.

Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, I remember that story quite well actually, but I'll go back and refresh anyway. Clearly there's more to the world that we can ever know.
Hi Magsx2, Speaking from experience there seems to be a great difference between minor daydreaming and these things we feel more than see, Ive had the fear of god put into me several times...
Hiya Windsmoke, I've asked about a million times why she got into that car that morning... there seems to be no answer, that's possibly why I have learned to accept the things I cannot understand. De-ja-vu is seeing I'm sure, not sure how it works but there's no denying it happens.

Kal said...

I think this kind of 'intuition' exists in all humans but you have to be 'tuned' in to recognize it. It also manifests itself many ways.

My mother worked at a nursing home for many years. She could always tell when someone was about to die. She could interpret the signs well after all her experience. We always said she could HEAR the rattle of Death. Like the nursing home cats who go to the dying and stay near them when the end of the person is near.

Me I can 'tune' into the telephone seconds before it is going to ring. I think like Spider-Man I have a sense that picks up the electrical signals a phone is getting right before it rings. I can often have time to say PHONE and boom, it rings. But I have to be sitting quietly to do that. I can often tell who may phone in the time span of a half hour before they do. It's my super power. Strange eh?

I can also 'taste' the difference between Silver and Gold but that is for reason unrelated to anykind of esp.

Tempo said...

As someone who's spent a fair amount of time in hospitals I get the opportunity to chat with nurses quite a lot (late at night when theyre bored and I'm not) it seems a common thing for nurses who have been in the job a long time to know when your time is up.
Your phone thing is quite common too, I get that sometimes but I once had a particular phone (Erricson flip) and EVERY time it was about to ring I instinctively picked it up.
My super power is invisibility... either that or people are ignoring me!!

Sarah said...

This stuff fascinates me! I'm going to post these stories here and on Kal's spot :)

When I was little, I had a nightmare one night that a tornado was coming from the west and was slowly sucking up our house. We lived in a trailer on a couple of acres and for whatever reason the tornado was destroying the house slowly, so we had time to get out with some things. The next day, we had a severe tornado warning for our area and straitline winds. But the winds only hit the town and left my neighborhood untouched.

Another time when I was an adolescent, I had a dream about my very first boyfriend who had dumped me the previous year. I didn't normally dream about him or miss him or anything like that. Then two days later I get a letter in the mail from him that he wanted to go back out.

Finally, when I was very young, my family went on a picnic drive in our old VW bus. We had to drive up a steep hill on the dirt road to get out of our picnic area before getting back on the highway. My dad went to pass some motorcyclists who were going slow but when he went to pull back into the right lane, the steering didn't respond. We were in the middle of corn country, so the road had VERY steep ditches on either side and we were heading for one at an angle that was sure to tip our narrow bus over. My dad had enough time to shout "Hold on I've lost the steering!" before we hit the ditch.

After we came to a stop, miraculously upright, my mom was frantically looking around & asking, "Did you hear that? Did you hear that?" While we were about to hit the ditch, she heard a calming male voice say three times, "You're not going to roll".

The motorcyclists came to see if we were ok and help us get out of the cornfield and saw the entire thing, and they couldn't believe we didn't roll either.

I agree with Pearl--there's more to our brains and conciousness than we realize, and we should pay attention to our intuition when it screams at us.

Thanks for sharing Tempo!

Jen said...

It happens to me and my daughter all the time. We normally keep our mouth shut because people don't understand...

Tempo said...

Hi Sara,and thanks for sharing those stories. Pearl told a story last year about a calm voice telling her something in a bad situation. There just has to be something to this. Its a very interesting phenomenon which I'd like to know more about...but I guess I never will.

Hey Jen, Thats the reason why no one says anything about these incidents I think..other people look at you like youve just discussed planting a bomb.