Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busting Australian Myths

The Ford John Goss Special

HG GTS Monaro (need I say more?)
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The GTR XU1 Awesome!

Possibly the ultimate Aussie car the XY GTHO

Aussie 'sheila's' all look just like this.

Just another day at the beach battling sharks, wild surf and saving lives (only tourists cant save themselves)

Not sure, this could be a pic of my wife...

Young, fit and marked only by the occasional snake or croc bite.

Me,in younger days. (maybe)

Here in Australia you will find all the guys look like these and the women like these.
We all wear Dryzabone coats, Acubra hats, RM Williams boots and checkered shirts, we call our friends ‘Mate’ and slap each other on the back much too often.
At dinner time we eat Aussie meat pies, inch thick steaks and Prawns on a BBQ while we drink beer from the bottle.
As kids we race soapbox carts down incredibly steep hills, handle Crocs and snakes and seem to live through it. We think Red Back Spiders and Blue Ringed Octopus’ are ‘Cute’.
As teens we all join surf lifesaving clubs and excel in all sports. By our early 20’s we either play football or we ride horses and round up cattle. Of course we go on to become stockmen and live under the stars with our cows, horses and mates.
By middle age we’ve settled into suburbia with a loving wife we call ‘The little woman’ and a few well tanned kids who race soapbox carts and bring home Crocs and snakes. We spend our weekends riding motorbikes with the family and cooking BBQ’s with a beer in one hand.
We love our Aussie muscle cars and everyone buys an old one and builds it up from scratch just because we love to work with our hands and take great pride in our workmanship.
…actually this Aussie myth isn’t a myth, we all do these things, we all look like these photos, we wear these clothes and we are Australia!
Believe it or don’t!



Mags118 said...

Hi Tempo,
Tooooo Funny. LOL.
Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

So Crocodile Dundee wasn't a con...



Windsmoke. said...

Made me smile. Ford XY GTHO is the ultimate Aussie muscle car there has been none better :-).

mapstew said...

Right, you've convinded me! I'm starting a 'Get Map To Oz' fund! All donations gratefully accepted! (If only to visit my favourite nephew/pal/tattoo artist in Melbourne! Miss ya Rob!) :¬)

mapstew said...

'Convinded'?? CONVINCED!!

Tempo said...

Hi Mags, Considering that you come from QLD I guess that you've just got back from surfing eh?

@AV,We all know someone like Croc Dundee. I've actually got that knife...My wife bought it for me about 20 years ago. "Thats not a knife, this is a knife!"

Hi Windsmoke, I'm hearing you there, no better example of what a good car is about.

Hi Map, Australia welcomes you mate, theres heaps of us with the same heritage as you.

Jen said...

I gotta visit there one day. I do think those little blue octupi are cute...just as long as you don't pick them up and try to cuddle...

Tempo said...

@Jen, I guess ever place has it's good and bad points but Australia is just so different to the rest of the world...on behalf of Australia I invite you to drop in one day...