Thursday, July 7, 2011

C'mon, visit.....please! (trying not to sound desperate)

The story behind this pic is er...interesting to say the least.
It was taken at Indian Head on Fraser Island by tourists who were watching the scene from the lookout above the beach. From there they could see the young couple making love in the shallows, then they saw the huge shark come in out of the darkness. They shouted an unheard warning until they could bare it no longer and had to leave lest they see the couple devoured before their eyes...
Apparently the sight of humans 'doing it' was more than the shark could bare as well.
Just a day before this pic was taken a local went for a swim in the same place and was chased back to the beach by (probably) the same shark.

This is the stuff you dont get to see in the tourist adverts.

Thanks to Bronwyn for the picture and the info. (and the wonderful stories about what YOUR kids get up to when they holiday here in OZ. Bronwyn works in a Backpackers Hostel)


Pearl said...

Holy crap!

Of all the ways you could possibly die...


Sarah said...

Someday...someday...that's what I keep telling myself. Even if I'd be one of the tourists the lifeguard would have to save since I can't swim well.

Kal said...

I have been to your death trap of a country and it took me months to sleep through the night. I can still here the 'silence of the bullfrogs'.

Neo said...

I have read some sharks are rather docile... but just the word 'shark' will send a chill up your spine, think that would partially be thanks to the book/movie Jaws

Windsmoke. said...

Could be the shark was curious and not hungry :-).

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. In amazement I am wondering why the people watching did not do more to try to alert the couple.

But then again that decision to leave may of saved the couples lives, if the couple had of taken off in a panic, it could of easily turned out deadly.

Jen said...

That is one huge shark!

That backpacker's's not just for kids, is it?

Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, not wrong there pearl, but they get warned not to play with fact it's not really safe to swim where they were let

@Sarah, so whats wrong with being given the kiss of life from a strong, muscular Aussie lifesaver?

@Kal, Cane toad country eh? Horrid things they are. Too hot to close the windows, too much noise not to... catch22

Neo, Yep, some are docile but we mainly have the other kind..and besides, by the time it gets close enough to tell which kind it is you could well be in trouble deep

@Windsmoke, exactly right, the thrashing about is well known to attract their attention, it probably came in to see what all the rush was about.

@Mags, as I understood it the lookout overlooks the beach but without direct access...and they were thinking they were about to witness a nightmare. None the less if it was me in the water I'd like to think they'd make more efort to let me know.

Hi Jen, there are Backpackers hostels all over the top eastern side of the country, they take pretty much anyone and you can often make a deal to do nsome cleaning instead of paying. There is also a system of farms that allow you to pick fruit etc for room and board.