Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, the old PC finally died...it was kinda old and horrid in the end but like your favorite old shoes it felt good.. I'm stuck with this new laptop which I dislike..but it works!
I took the good advice offered by others and backed up pretty much everything, but this little machine would never hold the 120 programs I had on the other machine let alone the thousands of photos and video. The old machine was 2.25Terrabites...(2250GiG)
It finally died on Boxing day...looks like I'll be searching for a new top end machine this month (sigh!)
I hope your Christmas went well for you and the new year lifts you up even more...

How are you going with your new years resolutions?

About 20yrs ago I got sick of people asking what mine were, so I made a resolution to NEVER make a New Years Resolution again...and I've stuck to it. How many people can say they've never broken their resolutions? LOL



Belle said...

Every New Years my daughters want us to stop smoking. I say, "Sure." I know it won't work, but I don't say so. We are hopelessly addicted. Luckily, I did stop for 24 years so I started out with clean lungs again.

Sorry about your computer. Hope you find a great one.

Lost_without_a_Map said...

I resolve to use a fake photo on all dating sites...

Windsmoke. said...

Christmas day was the worst ever because we had thunderstorms and hailstones the size of golf balls that broke the skylight in the dining room water everywhere. I gave up making New Year's resolutions about the same time as you :-(.

Symdaddy said...

I mourn with you, my friend, for I too have lost a dear friend during the festive season.

My trusty Satnav ... stalwart of many a journey ... said it's final goodbye yesterday. After bemoaning the fact that the battery was no longer capable of holding a charge, the screen shimmered, flickered then slowly faded to black.

All those trips we'd driven together!


Tempo said...

Hi Belle, I smoked for a few years but couldn't afford it. Once when I had a bad throat and couldn't smoke I stopped for those few weeks and never smoked again.
The PC was getting old so I'm not too worried, I'll get something to last me a few more years. It was built specially for me with 4gig of ram when 4 gig was unheard of..that's how long ago that was...LOL, my laptop has 8gig and my new desktop will have at least 8-16gig.

Hi LostWithoutAMap, and welcome. Dont we all...dont we all!

Hey Windsmoke You got what we did but a few days later, it did a big circle to gain strength then headed your way. I guess your damage was like that suffered here...minor but very annoying.

Hi Symdaddy, I suffer along with you mate, I was one of those who thought no one needed a GPS but bought one for when I was in the big cities...My Garmin is awesome and having had it a while now it's got a collection of camping spots, turn offs and fallen trees in it. (for the firewood) I cant imagine life without it now. I'm told putting it in the freezer overnight restores the battery for a little while.

The Jules said...

You'll just have to post your blog entries in for a while.

I think it's at:

Set The Tempo
The Internet

Magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
Sorry to hear about your old computer, even though it's old it is familiar, although it can be fun breaking in a new one.

I don't make New Year resolutions and haven't for years. :)

So far here in Brisbane we haven't had any bad storms this summer, but it hasn't been very hot either, it is a bit of a cool summer the same as last year, I don't mind it at all.

Sarah said...

Hopefully you'll be able to pick up a new one on sale with the holiday season just past.

Resolutions are the same as every year...procrastinate less, stop smoking, work out/be healthier.

It's that first resolution that derails all the rest...!

Tempo said...

LOL Jules, I'd give that a try but knowing Australia Post they'd get there about Christmas next year...

Hi Mags, I hate changing PC's, all those settings and programs to put back in and no matter what you do you end up losing some things, the new one will be Win7 same as my laptop and I know some of my fav programs wont run on it. I was still using XP...
You've had it good this season but it would only go part way to making up for last year.

Hi Sarah, Exactly...I dont like telling lies, even to myself so I hate resolutions you know youre going to break... I feel much better about it now I've resolved to make no resolutions..

Joe Pereira said...

My resolution is to be more resolute.

Sorry to hear about the demise of your PC. My laptop also died of old age recently - erm - I helped, kind of like euthanasia. The only way I could make it go faster was by throwing it out of the window.

Happy New Year

Tempo said...

Hi Joe, I had one that I dearly wanted to throw off our local jetty...way out the end where it's deep! The only thing that stopped me was the extreme weight of the old beast. This one died when in it's 6th straight hour of video production so I guess it was too much for the seven year old PC. My new desktop is duel i7,19gig ram (16+3graphics), 2 terrabite HD, Blue ray etc, etc

Pearl said...

The loss of a computer is a hard thing. I know nothing about them.

As for resolutions, I resolve to not be afraid of the hard work that writing and practicing a musical instrument can be. The end results are usually fun, but the work that got you there lies underneath.

Why is there not more applause for work?! :-)

Happy New Year!


Tempo said...

I think I know a bit about PC's Pearl...but it turns out I'm wrong! I bought a really nice (expensive) guitar knowing that having spent that much I'd really want to learn it...turns out I was wrong about that too.. Happy new year Pearl

mapstew said...

My machine is the old 'family' one that everybody in the house used 'til they all got laptops. It's very slow, and it teaches me the gift of patience.

Happy new year pal. :¬)

Tempo said...

Hi Map, I do video and Photoshop work so I need a fast machine, it drives me crazy when I have to resort to a slower machine though my Laptop is actually very fast.

River said...

2.25 Terrabytes? Wow! That's huge! Laptops can be fun though, if you're feeling lazy you can post from bed with it on your lap, carry it just about anywhere.
I'm not so tech savvy so I'm happy enough with my laptop which has 640GB hard drive and 4GB Ram. I use it mostly for my blog, emails and bill paying, plus it holds all my photos.
I don't do New Year Resolutions, that way I don't have to worry about breaking any.

Jen said...

This year I resolve to procrastinate, drink lots of caffeine, and buy lots of camping gear I don't really need.

Happy New Year!

Tempo said...

Hi River, the new PC has 2TB internal but another 1.6TB external with 2Xduo cores (4 core i7) It's a bit on the crazy side but my last one was as well when I had it built but a few years later it was old hat...like this one will be in just a few years.. I really dont like Laptops.
I totally agree with you regarding New Years Resolutions though.

Hi Jen, good to see you being realistic about it, it's a great pity more people aren't awake to reality. I hope your new year is everything you want it to be Jen

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Feel your pain. As for resolutions, I don't and have never disappointed myself.