Monday, April 9, 2012

Jumping For Joy

A quick day trip to Port Pirie in South Australia for a weekend of Motocross ended up being a very expensive outing for me.
I have several cameras including a very big, heavy superzoom just a year old, it let me down late last year by burning out a focus motor losing me hundreds of shots, after a free repair by the maker it's sat unused in the camera bag for four months. I decided to use it this time and took it as my sole large camera, after just 45 photos my offsider knocked over the billy spilling a cup of boiling water onto the camera. I picked it up rocking it side to side and a tablespoon of water poured from it's electronic packed interior…it no longer works. I'm not going to send it for repair, I wasn’t happy with it's earlier failure so I'll buy another camera (from another manufacturer) and cut my losses.
This left me with just my small automatic Panasonic, not a great camera by any means but…I still managed to take another 750 pics.
On the way home we stopped to find several Geocaches at one of which, somewhere, sometime I dropped my expensive Bolle sunglasses.
Without taking into account the fuel, food and tickets the day cost me a bit over twelve hundred dollars in losses… Ouch!



Magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
Sounds like that camera was jinxed from the start, you were never meant to have it.

But the photos here are fantastic a lot of very good shots, and it looks like it would of been a fun weekend, but boy what a cost.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful contrast the blue sky, green & gray vegetation, and the orange soil makes!

Belle said...

Boiling water! I'm so sorry! The Panasonic did a good job though. Love the photos. Too bad about the glasses too. Awful. I hate it when I break and lose things, which is often. I do hope you get a camera you are pleased with next time.

Windsmoke. said...

Bonza photos and a very expensive day trip but at least it got you out of the house :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Mags, Thats just how I feel about that camera, it was one thing after another with it. At some point though you just have to accept that it's money down the drain and stop spending.

Hi Sarah, You know I never really notice the color of our soils until someone else mentions it. I'm just kinda used to red/orange soil, when I see rich, dark loam that looks weird to me.

Hey Belle, I knew it was gone the second he did it... The tiny Panasonic has a miniscule lens and the pics dont blow up well, it's meant for indoors where your subjects are quite close. It did a good job though. I ordered a new Leica today..still not waterproof though.

Hi Windsmoke, there are quite a few motor events coming up here just now, we've had Dirt Circuit, Drags, Motocross and Speedway with Off road racers (Buggies, Stadium Trucks) and more Dirt Circuit still to come. After that it's Winter camping time in the Flinders Ranges.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Oooohhh, Tempo appear to be pissed off.
Tempo angry.
Don't blame Tempo for being angry
Annon is a piece of shit.
Annon to f*cking scared to give name.
Annon just a loser.

Good photos Tempo, shame about the camera and shades.
Go cheap.
Panasonic and Boots does me.

Tempo said...

Hi TSB, This has been making an ass of itself for some time all over Blogger but always hides behind the anon tag. Sorry you guys had to see this.
I have always used cheap stuff for many years but now my girls have families of their own (and they've got their own jobs etc) I can afford nice things for me (instead of them) I know all parents will understand where I'm coming from. The sad side of having nice things is when you lose them it's enough to bring tears to the eyes...

Anonymous said...

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River said...

$1200?? Ouch indeed!
But you got great photos. The landscapes look stunning, but I'll never go back there to live. I always hated the red dust in and on everything, not to mention the millions of little bush flies.
I much prefer to see these colours via the internet, not in person.

Anonymous said...

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