Friday, April 27, 2012

Max..the update

*Just to remind you...Max at 8 weeks in his Hoosier Tire bed (cute huh!)

Max is growing…he started off so small and cute (I don’t know what went wrong)
His bed was a Hoosier race tire cut in half , they don’t have wires in the tread so it's nice and soft and I figured he could chew it all he wanted without wrecking it. He's chewed all my pot plants and all the pots, unbelievably he's even chewed up all the cactus'. (How's that even possible) My greenhouse has no plants left and in fact he's started on the shadecloth walls, I guess he'll grow up (eventually) and I'll be able to get some more in. Before you suggest I need to get things for him to play with...I have, lots of them; but he prefers to kill my things.

*He DID look cute, until he started doing this with his ears... When he hears a noise he does this then moves them around like radar trying to pinpoint the sound. It must be an American Bull Terrier thing because I've noticed they all seem to do it

At our last visit the vet staff could not believe it was the same cute puppy, they even called his name to make sure I wasn’t playing a trick on them. At just 20 weeks he was 27kg (60lbs) and he's expected to double that weight….
He's very friendly though and just loves people…any people. (which is only a problem in so much as he's a guard dog)

 * Three months old and growing fast! (note the oversize head)

* This was his last night in the Hoosier Bed, I took the hint of "That Look" and went out the next day and bought the biggest dog bed I could find. It's so big I can get into it comfortably and I'm hoping he won't outgrow it.

A bit more time has passed since these photos were taken, he's now six months old and huge, my son-in-law calls him 'the bowling ball' because he knocks the kids down like nine pins. I guess he's about 35kg now (75lbs)
With his few bad points comes a few good points like his fantastic temperament, he's just so friendly. I bought the biggest dog carrier cage I could get and I cant get him through the door of it anymore so I've just bought him a seat belt for the back of the Ute. This is the law in Australia, all animals MUST be in a fixed cage or wearing a fully approved animal seat belt. His is a full chest and belly harness with a sliding loop so he has some movement but is unable to climb or fall from the Ute bed...He loves it! He stands in the back with his big ears flapping in the wind, I'll get you a few pics as soon as I find someone who can work my new camera…
Being a white dog in Australia means Max has to have zinc cream applied to his nose every hot day to prevent sunburn and eventual cancer, a very real risk here in OZ..



Magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
Oh my he has grown up hasn't he, but still a beautiful dog regardless. He looks so funny in that bed now, but what a great idea when he was small, just brilliant.

River said...

He's lovely! And Huge!
I know a cat with skin cancer. At first it was just his nose, but now it's eating away the face as well. He's eating and breathing okay and doesn't seem to be in pain, I don't think there's anything that can be done for him.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He is gorgeous. If you are going to go with a dog you might as well have a DOG, not something from the rat family. I love the way he looks like he thinks the bed will get bigger not smaller everytime he wakes up.

The Jules said...

Get him a proper Oz hat!

Nice pics btw.

The Jules said...

Get him a proper Oz hat!

Nice pics btw.

Windsmoke. said...

Yep, he's certainly out grown his tyre but the photo of the ears really cracked me up big time its definitely a classic :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Mags, At least he no longer looks like a piglet like he did when he was small. He's a big boy now but still only half grown.
Hi River, In the long term theres nothing you can do for the cat, I've know people who've spent fortunes treating face cancer to no avail. All that happens is the animal is in horrible pain for a long time.
Hi Cal, I've got the very big Max but also two Fox Terriers, a standard and a miniature (rat) Both of them dominate poor Max though and even stand over food and take it from him. Max still thinks he's a tiny puppy and even still tries to climb up into your lap. (crush)
Hi Jules, It's a lot more than just his face Mate, he's got very thin fur, his face, ears and even his belly is pink like a pig.
Hey Jules, It's a lot more than just his face Mate, he's got very thin fur, his face, ears and even his belly is pink like a pig.(do you have a brother called Jules?)
Hey Windsmoke, He's even bigger than he was in those pics and those ears are a laugh for sure. Probably even more funny when he's in the back of the Ute with his ears flapping in the breeze.

The Jules said...

Neither of us know why that happened.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

He looks like a big softy. Does he still try and jump into your lap?

Tempo said...

Hi TSB, He sure does, if you sit on the lounge he crawls up and tries to get on your lap like he did when he was a few weeks old. He is a big softy, I cant imagine him ever biting anyone (as this breed is reputed to do)

Pearl said...

Oh, look at that precious little baby! I just want to squeeze him and smell his little head!!


Sarah said...

In my experience, bully breeds like Max are extremely sweet, smart, and loving.

I'd be more scared of getting bit by one of those ankle biters with their needle-like teeth than a dog like Max :)

Can't wait to see the car harness pics!

Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, If you get that close to his face you get a big lick...and he sure has more dog spit that is good or nice.
Hi Sarah,You forgot stubborn... He's sweet and intelligent but has a stubborn streak.

Sarah said...

Oh yes, how could I forget that!?!