Sunday, April 4, 2010

International Chocolate Induced Hyperactivity Day

Yes, welcome to the day formally known as ‘Easter’, a day when our already overstuffed children are encouraged to stuff themselves with a months worth of sweets and chocolate and run amok.
My own family is so large that just one chocolate egg from every relative is enough to bring about a sugar seizure lasting several days, it adds up to about half a bucket of chocolate for each child.
Last year we started some unofficial family rules… just one SMALL piece of chocolate for each child from each relative and no chocolate for we adults…who are all battling with our weight.
Modern kids don’t even know what Easter is about…and don’t care... To be more accurate, the kids think Easter is about chocolate and sweets and don’t care about anything else.
This morning D3 (3rd daughter) asked me who invented our modern Easter and why is it about rabbits and chocolate. (good question!)
I suspect it was ‘invented’ by the big chocolate makers and supermarkets…but why Rabbits and Chocolate?
If you want a symbol of rebirth why not the Butterfly? Cocooned as an ugly grub and reborn as a beautiful, colorful butterfly.

The rabbit should surely be the universal sign of overpopulation.

Modern Australians are not a religious lot, in fact since the recent sexual exploitation by clergy and the churches lack of leadership on this issue our Gen Y young adults are perhaps the least religious people on earth.

So where to from here? Cancel Easter…and Christmas. I don’t think the big chocolate makers would stand for that…do you?


kylie said...

i saw you at megans and got excited to see another aussie blogger!
got even more excited to see you're a lab rat!

ooh, now i'm all hot and bothered....

wonder what the big chocolate makers would think of that?

Princess L said...

Cancel Easter? Bah Humbug Tempo!
You can't blame God for what crappy men-pretending-to-be-religious do. And though I personally do not think you can ever have enough chocolate (LOL), maybe you have something with your International Chocolate Induced Hyperactivity Day thing. If we gave chocolate it's OWN holiday (I could be the spokesperson for this cause ;) ), the chocolate makers might leave Easter alone.
PS I'm not familiar with this Aussie custom of everyone giving a piece of chocolate. Is this done all over or just something your family does? (I may need to move to Australia if this is the case. Or at least visit over the Easter Holidays.) Now go and enjoy the day (and stay away from my basket...).

Tempo said...

Hi Kylie, nice to see I'm not the only aussie on the web. (slight exageration there)My cage is right by the PC and late at night, when no ones looking....

Hello Princess, I SO agree with your 'men-pretending-to-be-religious' comment, but I'm trying to stay away from religion. (gets me in all sorts of trouble)
As for chocolate having it's own holiday? Inspired suggestion that one, and I'll second it and vote for you to be spokesperson and chief taste tester.
Here in Oz everyone gives everyone we know a chocolate egg or bunny etc...isnt that done everywhere? (boy, have we been sucked in by the supermarkets)

Pearl said...

Tempo, I am in agreement with you.

Speaking for the U.S., ALL holidays have been hijacked by the greeting card/candy/what-have-you companies. If there's a dollar to be made, they're on it.

In the end, we have to take the blame on ourselves. If we didn't buy it, they wouldn't make it. Unfortunately -- at least around here -- we are so consumed with insecurities/guilt/general stupidity that we do whatever we think everyone else is doing. Frankly, it's embarrassing.

I've never bought anyone anything for Easter, but I was raised without religion; and I have never worked for a company that gave us either Good Friday or any day off for Easter, so to me it's always been a day family gathers and eats, for some reason, a large, bone-in ham and at least two kinds of pie.

I can think of worse! :-)


Tempo said...

Hi Pearl, sorry it took me so long to answer, Ive been away where the phones dont work let alone the net.

It's the same here,the Christmas decorations are cleared away in the shops to make room for the Easter eggs etc, etc, etc. Around and around it goes with everyone complaining but no one stopping the relentless spending. It's about time for a consumer backlash...cant see it happening though.

Jen said...

I remember thinking Easter was about candy, eggs and bunnies. The church invented depriving yourself until Easter. I blame them. (This is NOT the same as blaming God.)

Tempo said...

Hi Jen,Its such a pity that we cant be allowed to celebrate Easter as we see fit without the over exploitation by the supermarkets etc.
The churches have a great deal to answer for, seems to me that Hell will be full of priests, making it...well!, Hell!!