Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You've got to be kidding?

Recently I went to my doctor to arrange an xray for a sore ankle.
The first thing he asked was whether I needed more of the pain killers he prescribed during my last visit, I told him I'd looked them up on the web and found they had several bad side effects and therefore I hadn't taken any and didn't intend to…. he began losing the plot.
 We spent the next twenty minutes arguing over who knew my needs better…him or me. (he's been my doctor for less than a year)
Then we argued about why I was refusing to take pain killers that I didn't need…

I mean…really! Since when did doctors start trying to force patients to take medicines they don’t need? I left in a huff but had to make an appointment for the next day to see him about the still sore ankle.
The next day I refused to add to the medicines debate and only referred to my sore foot. (it turned out to be nothing much…I'm just wearing out)

I had the same doctor for 35 years, a straight talking, in your face old school doctor who knew his stuff but had the temerity to retire.. (Hmph!)


Belle said...

I don't do everything my doctor says either. I drive her crazy. Good for you for making up your own mind about taking medication.

Symdaddy said...

Falling apart happens to all of us sooner or later.

It's just your turn ... and the ankle is always the first to go ... then the knee ... the hip ....

Magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
You would think that a doctor would be happy that you could get by without the medicine . What is it these days and different medical drugs, the doctors have even got young kids on medical drugs now, it certainly is a crazy world.

I agree, you just can't beat the old time doctors, there was never any beating around the bush.

MOCK! said...

I have one medication I pretty much NEED to take. My doctor has always helped me find alternatives when cost becomes an issue.

She also has helped MINIMIZE what I take during illnesses...

Good luck with your ankle...and your doctor!

Pearl said...

Sheesh! He's supposed to work WITH you, not against you...


Sarah said...

It's been like this in america for awhile, seems like. Because the docs are in the pharmecutical's pockets, they push pills on you every chance they get.

Few & far between are the docs who recommend homeopathic remedies, like muscle strengthening or bio-identical hormones.

My mom practically had to threaten her doc to get him to even talk about alternative menopause remedies other than prescriptions.

And let's not even go there on how responsible the medical establishment is when they've become pill pushers and the safety of those who are already on multiple medications who are told to take yet another.

Who cares if the medications combine in some strange way and end up starting the zombie apocalypse?!?

Sarah said...

Sorry Tempo, can you tell you hit on a nerve for me? :)

Windsmoke. said...

I don't blame you for spitting the dummy if weren't happy with the medication i would to. I reckon your doctor should have suggested an alternative medication that does the same thing without the bad side effects. When we get old we tend to fall apart at the seams, but that's life :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Belle, My old doctor would simply have offered several different things and warned me about the side effects of each but now they just seem to assume you will be a good little patient and do as you are told.

@Symdaddy, yep, I'm getting old and wearing out...quite normal. The hip was the first to go courtesy of a car accident, I've got a cool metal one now but this ankle was broken in the same accident and is going the same way.

Hey Mags, I've got a thing about taking drugs I dont need and have to be in real trouble before I'll take anything. I miss my old straight talking doctor.

Hi Mock, 'Need' to take is one thing and I can live with that..no problem. But this doc just seems to want me to take drugs for no apparent reason..aint doing that!

Yes Pearl, I was quite surprised when he started telling me that I should be taking drugs cause he says so and he went to medical school so he knows better than I..that really got me arcing up.

Hi Sarah, actually your suggestion strikes a cord here. I'd heard of doctors being paid to recommend drugs but didn't make the connection until I read your comment. It's got me thinking it may well be the case here...if he dares bring this up with me again I will ask him straight if he's being paid to recommend these drugs. (Ive no desire to become the first drug related Zombie)
(..and I like straight talkers)

Hey Windsmoke, I just dont like taking drugs..my old doc would have suggested exercises to relieve strain, cold or hot packs to de-stress before ever suggesting any drugs.What really pissed me off was his attitude that I should take then because he said so..without any consideration of other factors.
Yep, I'm getting old but that doesn't mean I should spend the rest of my life in a drug induced haze. (unless I want to)

Adorabibble said...

Tempo, I am proud of you that you stood up to a drug pusher, even if he is legal. you should know how I feel about this subject, Good work!

River said...

I attend a medical clinic where you can request a doctor or just take whoever is next available. Mostly I request the doctor I've seen most often as I feel he knows me better, but all of them don't push pills like your doctor. That's just wrong. Mostly they ask if I think I need something to help with any pain or other condition and I'll tell them what I've already got at home, usually what I've got can be safely used. I don't often go to the doctor, managing aches and pulled muscles etc with rest and hot water bottles, then gentle exercise, panadols if necessary. I've noticed that the longer I've been divorced, the better I feel, so I'm concluding that a lot of my pain, especially the migraines were caused by stress.

Tempo said...

Hi Adorabibble, Yep, totally right to, I dont understand why some doctors are like this.
Hi River, I know just how you feel, stress can kill and over years it sure takes it's toll. I've only ever had a few doctors and finding a good one seems harder than it should be.

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