Friday, February 3, 2012


Back when my last dog was getting old I bought a heap of those big square lounge chair cushions from a second hand dealer and set about gluing them all over the inside of the expansive kennel. Eventually the roof, all the walls and floor were lined 100mm (4"0) thick with foam making it a very comfortable even in the hot weather we experience here in Australia.  Toward the end of his life (winter) I added a queen sized feather down quilt to keep him warm, eventually though, inevitably, he lost his battle for life. (heart failure)

I hadn't given it much thought until the new puppy chose to move from the temporary cardboard kennel I'd put on the back verandah to the big kennel in the yard. (He tore the big cardboard box into tiny pieces)
I'd noticed a few stray bits of foam here and there and knew he was ripping lumps out of the insulation but I have to admit I was shocked when I came home one afternoon to find the garage strewn with feathers…lots of feathers.
When I opened the doors I found thousands of feathers blowing around the yard and in piles by the kennel door. Max took it upon himself to thoroughly kill the quilt, spreading the feathers everywhere. He greeted me with a wagging tail and stray feathers stuck to his mouth… (sigh!)
I cant imagine what the neighbors thought as for the next few weeks feathers blew around my front yard whenever the garage doors were opened.
Feathers are basically slow release nitrogen so they're actually good for the garden but I'd rather he'd left them in the (expensive) quilt.
In the month since then he's finished rearranging the kennel and let me assure you that foam insulation take no part in his plans. I've had to rake and sweep all the foam up again and again as he takes it upon himself to make the pieces ever smaller.
I'm sure he will regret this when winter comes, though I will of course have to relent and buy more warm things for him.



Belle said...

Well, he hasn't been bored since you got him! I wish I could have seen those feather floating around your neighborhood. A lot of people would wonder why it was raining feathers.

River said...

You may have to build a double walled kennel and put the insulation between the walls, just like a house.

Magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
It has always amazed me the things some puppies get up to, they do try your patience in the beginning as they are learning.

I was always finding toilet paper all over the yard, and what a pain that is to pick up, oh well better than shoes I suppose. lol.

Windsmoke. said...

Yep, he's definitely bored now maybe a few puppy toys from the nearest pet shop will serve as a distraction :-).

malcfifty said...

It sounds like Max would be a good match for Audrey, my beagle, who tore the shadecloth off the greenhouse and destroyed the black polypipe to the outside tap. It was an expensive exercise replacing the polypipe with copper, but you've still got to love the girl.

Sarah said...

Ah, chewers! You almost have to blame yourself for allowing access. I know everytime I leave a purse where my cat Gizmo can get to it that I'll find tooth marks in the leather strap.

Although it doesn't stop me from getting mad at him regardless :)

Tempo said...

Hi Belle, I dont think he's bored, he's about wrecked and chewed everything in the yard since he got here.
Hey River, I think youre onto something there, that might have to be the plan for Autumn..
Hi Mags, Just this morning I filled my 200litre bin with chewed stuff from around the yard..for the second time this month.
@Windsmoke, He's got 10 tennis balls, several chew toys and a heavy rope tied hanging from a tree onto which I tie treats and things for him to chase and kill...he's just that sort of dog.
Youre right Malcfifty, no matter what they do they are one of the family and we have to work around their behavior.
Quite right Sarah, but I cant be here all day and all night I have to accept that he will get bored when theres nothing for him to do.