Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last night a magnitude 5.4-strong earthquake shook Victoria


magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
I was really amazed how this earthquakes was reported by some, oh yes it was Very Strong, that strong it shook the windows. :)

It may have been strong and scary to be at home, but I didn't see any major damage reported at all.

River said...

Oh No!
How will Victoria ever recover??
(apologies to NZ)

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...


It doesn't even get into the papers here (NZ) unless it's over 6 (Remember it's a logarithmic scale)

Windsmoke. said...

Its been a while since anyone or thing has rocked my world so this is a good start :-).

Tempo said...

Hi Mags, Australia sits in a very stable area, we are unlikely to have any big earthquakes. A bit of damage and sometimes lives lost but we will never see quakes like you see in some places.
Hi River, I hear a few people were crushed to find their beers spilled after being knocked over by the viscous shaking.
Hi TSB, Agreed mate, it's a pretty feeble earthquake but thats how we like them here. Here in Western South Australia we get 1 or 2 shakes every five years or so, mostly around 3 on the scale. I've never felt one.
Hi Windsmoke, Its nice to laugh but this one was a little one thankfully. I'm glad there were no injuries or substantial damage.