Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is You Cat Trying To Kill You?



magsx2 said...

Hi Tempo,
That is brilliant, I especially like the cat litter one. Lol

Windsmoke. said...

Don't have a cat but i do like the kitty litter one :-).

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...


4 Panadol tablets ground up in mince will remove the feline problem.


Tempo said...

HI Mags, Yes the cat is a wily adversary.
Hi Windsmoke, I dont have a cat either, they stink and dont seem to care much for human contact.
Hey TSB, I've heard that one many years ago but I have no idea whether it works...doubt it

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Trust me it does.

The only problem is that they end up in full stretch rigour, which makes them a bastard to bury, unless you use some sort of hydraulic press.

or try

What a hoot, couldn't stop laughing.

But then I'm a really TwistedScottishBastard

Tempo said...

Hey TSB, I just had to follow the link to see what could make a dry old sod like you laugh it up. Hilarious, it had me laughing from the start, though the stunned faces around me at Grandmas Birthday Party gave me a heck of a fright

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Not perhaps the most opportune place to shoe a cat converted into a helicopter, but who knows?
Maybe grandma would like on to chase the flying mice.

River said...

I was thinking of getting a cat when I retire, I hope I've forgotten all this by then.

Tempo said...

Never forget River...never forget how dangerous the house cat really is

Dr. Theda said...

Thanks for the Much needed "Smile", Good Sir... And a Great Weekend to you and yours... the Doctor